These are the big moments and the major accomplishments from my life.


Life June 1983 Birthed in Cincinnati.
Life Aug. 1999 First job as a dish washer at Frisch’s.
Life May 2001 Buys first car, 2001 Honda Accord.
Life June 2001 Graduates from Turpin High School.
Life Dec. 2001 First daughter born.
Mad Linwood April 2007 Founds Mad Linwood Studios.
Life April 2007 Second daughter born.
Project Dec 2007 Invents Itachi puzzle.
Project Feb. 2008 Invents Hairetsu puzzle.
Life April 2008 Third daughter born.
Project April 2008 Panopticon: Puzzles & Games begins publication.
Project Dec. 2008 Cheese Chasers is published.
Life June 2009 Fourth daughter born.
Life July 2010 Moves to Houston.
Project July 2010 Panopticon: Puzzles & Games ends publication.
Puzzle Pile Feb. 2013 Puzzle Pile launches.
Puzzle Pile Oct. 2013 Puzzle Pile hiatus begins.
Mad Linwood Oct. 2013 Mad Linwood Studios closes.
Life Oct. 2013 Moves back to Cincinnati.
Puzzle Pile Oct. 2014 Puzzle Pile 2.0 Update.
Puzzle Pile Nov. 2014 Puzzle Pile hiatus ends.
Life March 2015 First son born.
Project April 2015 Cheese Chasers launches on Android.
Puzzle Pile May 2015 Puzzle Pile calendar debuts.
Puzzle Pile Dec. 2015 Puzzle Pile adds Infocenter.
Life May 2016 Marries Sarah Kessling.
Puzzle Pile May 2016 Puzzle Pile gets HTTPS & link shortener.
Project Aug. 2016 Pile Report launches.
Life Feb. 2017 Second son born.
Project March 2017 Publishes Itachi Volume 1 puzzle collection.
Project April 2017 Pile Report closes.