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I’m the founder and senior editor for the puzzle new site Puzzle Pile, where we cover the latest in puzzle news, reviews, interviews and community. We’ve been rocking since Feb. 2013.

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Puzzle Pile

I join a host of other journalists in exploring and covering the bleeding edge of puzzle news, as we strive to be the one-stop destination for puzzlers around the world over.


Words and sentences make cool things, and that’s another one of the things that I do.

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Mad Linwood Studios

Having pivoted from its web design roots, Mad Linwood Studios focuses on pushing the boundaries of niche interests and journalism. Our projects include Puzzle Pile.


These are all of the puzzle forms that I’ve created, many have been published in collections and are online.

Itachi puzzle by Bran McMillin.


Itachi is a math maze that challenges players to move their way through all of the puzzle’s numbers by adding and subtracting them from each other, without using a number more than once.

Hairetsu puzzle by Bran McMillin.


Hairetsu is a puzzle that tasks players with grouping a set of numbers in the white cells that adds up to an attaching number in a black cell, without any of the numbers in a group repeating.

Previous Experience

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Pile Report

Pile Report was a weekly email newsletter that delivers the top news from the comic, puzzle and board game hobbies, straight to readers’ inbox.

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Panopticon: Puzzles & Games

I created Panopticon: Puzzles & Games in 2007 and was its editor until 2010 when it ended publication. The project began as a print magazine, but would go on to evolve into a digital offering with the explosive success of mobile devices.

Grey mouse card from Cheese Chasers card game.

Cheese Chasers

Cheese Chasers is an award nominated card game that I created in the winter of 2008, for one to two players. Players try to score the most points by surrounding chunks of cheese with their mice, highest score wins. It’s available as a free app for Android through Google Play.